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Name  Darren Morby
Home City  Bedworth
Special Music Types  Mobile karaoke, club & bar
DJ Daz Morby

Name  Darren Seager
Home City  Wakefield
Special Music Types  Club & Bar
DJ Daz Seager

Name  Des Mitchell
Home City  Born Birmingham Resident Magaluf
Special Music Types  House,Dance,Soul
Dj Des Mitchell

Name  Doug Whittle
Home City  Manchester
Special Music Types  Club & bar
DJ Doug Whittle

Name  Ian Livie
Home City  Wolverhampton
Special Music Types  Club & Bar
DJ Ian Livie

Name  james o dwyer
Home City  liverpool
Special Music Types  bar club and corporate
dj James Odwyer

A.K.A  Little Jimmy
Home City  Coventry
Special Music Types  party dance rnb garage,banghra,irish,chart
Dj James Penny

Name  John Robertson
A.K.A  johnny redstripe
Home City  Kitzbuhel, Austria
Special Music Types  Club & Bar
DJ John Robertson

Name  John Sabin
Home City  Leamington Spa
Special Music Types  Mobile dj, club & bar (also tv presenter)
DJ John Sabin

Name  John Rodgers
Home City  Norwich
Special Music Types  Club & Bar
DJ Jon Rogers

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